Laser Cosmetic Surgery in India are performed by the cosmetologist and other skin specialist in India stand #1 in their respective field. Our Clinic has state-of-art facilities for Laser Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetology, the latest equipments that increase success rate of treatments. Panache Clinic is a medium to make these immaculate services accessible to patients from any corner of the world. We offer low cost Laser Cosmetic Surgery in India.

Panache Clinic offers top of the line holistic skin and hair treatments. Led by experienced practitioners, the clinic specializes in globally acknowledged and proven & advanced skin care, laser skin treatments, anti-ageing, hair transplant, eyebrow transplant and much more.

Panache Clinic follows the best practices in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures – the reason this clinic stands apart from the rest. Equipped with the latest technology and proficient cosmetologists, Panache is firmly committed to offer the best in hair and skincare treatments.


The decision to get a hair transplant or skin and laser treatment is a big one, and we know that it takes a lot of thinking and research before you finally settle down on one and for a good reason. It needs plenty of thought and research since it’s a big decision. When looking into treatment, like many other procedures, it is easy to get carried away into ‘competitive prices’ and ‘great deal’ you might find in other countries but Panache Clinic will explain and look into the importance of getting treatments done from Chandigarh. We are the very first organization to promote Medical Tourism in East and providing different treatment for our patients.


There are several factors which makes India an appealing medical destination for people seeking health services. These includes a large population of medical staff affluent in English, trained health practitioners, well experienced staff and cosmetologist, availability of super-speciality centres, good mix of allopathic and alternative medical system, use of advanced technologically modern diagnostic equipment and finally, the most importantly, the availability of all these modern amenities at competitive cost.


  • Skilled physicians and specialists, with Indian and international experience. High-quality nursing capability providing high or equivalent standards of medical care as in the patient’s home country.
  • Strong value proposition on cost, quality of treatment and services. Diverse geography with numerous tourism destinations to suit the patient’s schedule and health.
  • Unavailability of reliable cure or facilities for treatment in the home country.
  • Favourable exchange rates and cheaper international air-travel.
  • Use of alternative medicine, wellness and rejuvenation programmes for complete healing. Growing local insurance market and tie-ups with international medical/ travel insurance providers. Poor coverage in the home country.
  • Modern hospital and hotel facilities, good air and surface transport, developed telecommunications network and improving tourism infrastructure.
  • Use of modern medical technology, high-quality implants, and internationally accepted medical supplies.
  • No waiting period for international patients – a key constraint for surgical procedures in the home country.
  • Emergence of multi-specialty hospitals in major Indian cities.
  • International banking and widespread use of plastic money.
  • Abundant and easily available information on India and, hospitals and tourism industries.

Welcome to INDIA

Upon your arrival, you are welcomed to the clinic. Your day would begin with an individualized consultation session with one of our doctors who will do an extensive diagnosis of your condition and suggest treatment that suits you best.

Procedure Day

We perform pre-procedure routines and get started with the treatment that you require. Depending on the treatment performed, the entire procedure could take up to 2-4 hours.

Leisure Day

Relax and unwind while you heal.

Post Procedure Follow-ups

It’s the last day in which we make a review, you will meet our expert consultant who will assess the turnout of your treatment. You will be advised on preventive measures and prescribed appropriate medication.
Thus, overall it’s a great package at a very reasonable price with rest assured results.


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