Stitchless Ear Lobe Repair

Ear lobes are perhaps the most ignored area of our body. It is for some reason not given enough attention. It is not that the ear lobes in everyone’s case is perfect, it is just that until recent times there was no buzz regarding any major procedure to enhance the appearance of ear lobes.

It’s not uncommon for men & women who wear earrings to suffer from stretched or torn earlobes.This may be due to heavy earrings or from trauma caused by earrings becoming caught in clothing or other objects or being pulled by a child. Earlobe surgery is a simple procedure which repairs stretched or torn earlobes. For those who want to continue to wear earrings, we offer re-piercing in our office as soon as 4 weeks after your earlobe repair procedure.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately thirty minutes. The tear or stretched piercing hole is surgically removed and then the lobe can repaired. Panache clinic does stitch less earlobe repair and stitch method repair both


Stitchless Ear Lobe Repair Chandigarh
Stitchless Ear Lobe Repair Punjab
Stitchless Ear Lobe Repair Chandigarh

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