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MesoBotox  at  Panache

MesoBotox involves injecting multiple small doses of Botox into the skin of the face to reduce the action of sweat and sebaceous glands as well as the superficial layer of facial muscles.
The main objective of MesoBotox is to relax the  muscles to cause the reopening of orifices. The net effect of MesoBotox is improved sheen of the face with smooth skin, tighter pores and yet the ability to move all the deeper muscles of the face thus retaining a natural, non “plastic” appearance. The results stay for 3-4 mths and it’s the most cost effective way to maintain the glow of the skin.


We at Panache Skin Clinic in Chandigarh, Punjab, offer you with quality MesoBotox treatment that is just perfect to meet your skin requirements. For a youthful skin that looks smooth and has tighter pores, MesoBotox treatment at our premium skin clinic in Chandigarh, Punjab can help you out. For details about the procedure, feel free to write to us at To seek an appointment, you can get in touch with our doctor at +91-8284872191 & +91-8729048399


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